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Nyoum Medical Hub

Up to date optimum health care


At Medical Hub, we aim to provide you with the latest in healthcare services with the help of experts from all medical fields and advanced medical equipment, all while putting hygiene practices a top priority to ensure the provision of the finest medical services in the area.

Integrated Health Services

With 109 units available in different areas and designs, the Medical Hub offers visitors integrated health services in all fields of medicine under one roof and in a convenient and friendly environment with spacious outdoor waiting areas to make your doctor's visit as comfortable as possible.

A luxury and functional design

The Medical Hub is designed to create a fully functional and luxurious space. It comprises private parking lots, reception area, fountain area, and full maintenance service to ensure your trip to the doctor is worth the wait.

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Easily Reachable

Medical Hub is conveniently located on the main road connecting Nasr City and the New Capital with easy access from all major roads leading to and from New Cairo's First Settlement, Fifth Settlement, Nasr City, Suez road, and the Ring Road.

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