Dr Ayman Bin-Mukhtar Khalifa

Over the past 8 years, Dr. Ayman bin Mukhtar bin Ibrahim Khalifa has been spearheading change and igniting innovation by presiding over many leadership roles in several multinational companies, including the UAE Capricorn International Marketing Management, where he held the position of Chairman and CEO in 2013 and Al-Nobalaa Dentistry Hospital- Makkah-KSA as a board member in 2015.

In companies where his leadership role was scoped and focused on specific duties, Bin Khalifa created real change. Holding the position of Audit Committee Member, risk committee member, and Head of Investment Committee at Mansoura Poultry since March 2021, his valuable inputs made a real impact in improving the company strategies, all of which ensured its development into the agribusiness sector through expanding business capital and fulfilling significant changes in the company’s revenue after a challenging period of losses.

In addition to his extensive business background and experience, Dr. Ayman has been known for his interest in stock investments in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, especially the real estate industry, for over 14 years now. This passion and unwavering commitment made him the perfect man for the current role he holds as the managing director and CEO of Arab Developers Holdging, where he first joined in 2019 as a member of the board of directors and was gradually appointed as the managing director and vice-chairman of the board of directors for finance and development in 2020.

Since joining Arab Developers Holding Group originally known as Arab Developers Holding and in cooperation with other esteemed Board members, the new management succeeded in running a great change campaign across the whole portfolio of Arab, from the extensive group re-branding project to the significant increase in sales value . The group was able to deliver hundreds of units with a total area of  thousands of square meters.

Spearheading the growth strategy of Arab Developers Holding Group, it successfully managed to develop 2.4 million square meters locally and regionally to enhance the company’s regional presence in Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco.

Alongside the esteemed board members, Dr. Ayman is guiding the Arab Developers holding Group to achieve a notable breakthrough in a short period by proceeding with the completion of existing projects, accelerating the rates of implementation and delivery, and maintaining the time rates for new projects, as well as providing new and diverse real estate products in line with the latest market requirements in the form sustainable real estate.