Message From

The Chairman

In recent years, we witnessed tremendous changes and big leaps in the Egyptian real estate market while privileged with the unprecedented attention of the Egyptian government, establishing new destinations and massive infrastructure.
Consequently, the evolution of Arab Developers Holding was inevitable not only to cope and enhance, but more importantly to efficiently capture the untapped potential and deliver healthy returns for clients and investors. Today at Proto Developments we require the change and adamantly adopt modern approaches and deploy remarkable improvements.
My insights on the company’s history, its diversity and challenges; empower me to steadily and confidently immerse in this transformational framework aimed towards a more prosperous and collaborative dynamic that allow us to consistently grow and advance as a profitable company creating additional value every day.
Our vision is accomplished with the belief and support of our investors, the dedication of our people and zest of our progressive management.
It is an advantage to be guiding this rewarding and pleasurable journey of reformation and expansion. With the trust of our investors and the innovation of our management we are building the new foundation of Arab Developers Holging.

Porto Group Chairman